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Benefits of Meditation on Health

Benefits of Meditation on Health
Benefits of Meditation on Health

Benefits of Meditation on Health
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You know that exercise plays an important for our body. Why do we exercise regularly? The answer is simple to make ourself fit. Just like this our brain also requires exercise and training which is possible because of Yoga and Meditation

Definition :- 

"Meditation is a skill as well as technique which involves the development of non-sensory, onward aspect of consciousness in order to enhance the abilities to achieve life goals." In other words Meditation is the exercise of brain.

Let's talk about Benefits of Meditation on Health

Here you will get top 10 health benefits of yoga. 

So, stay tuned for the information. 

Benefits of Meditation on Health 

1. Improves Sleep Quality :-

If you have sleep related problems at night then you are not alone. Almost 40 to 50 percent of the population suffers from the same. 

This may to due to stress. Because stress can cause anxiety, tension as well as depression making it hard to fall asleep. 

But, Meditation is the solution over this trouble. Doing it before bedtime can promote calmness and increase the quality of sleep. 

When you meditate, a variety of physiological changes occurs in your body. 

Meditation may also increases the Melatonin  which is popularly known as sleep hormone as well as Serotonin which is precursor or Melatonin. 

Both this hormones can give you deep sleep and relaxation. 

2. Improves Concentration  :-

"To achieve our dreams we need to focus on our work" You have heard this many times. What is the meaning of word "focus" in this sentence? In simple way, one should concentrate on his work. 

There are many ways to improve focus but, meditation is considered as the most effective one. 

Studies shows that it improves cognition and increases your ability to perform tasks which requires focus. 

When we meditate our brain stop processing information as actively as it normally would which helps us to concentrate on the task we are performing. 

After meditation, the mind becomes fresh and one can perform his task with more efficiency.

Start meditating today

3. Reduces Stress:-

Many people are practicing meditation to get relief from stress

When you meditate, your focus is on breathing which helps you to eliminate the stress causing thoughts.  our brain reacts to stress in a different way which is known as fight-or-flight response.

When we meditate the body experiences many healing effects which are opposite of the fight-or-flight response.

You don’t have to be an advanced meditator to benefit from meditation. 

According to studies, you can experience significant reductions in stress and depressive symptoms after a six-day meditation as a new meditator. 

4. Decreases Blood Pressure :-

Blood Pressure can elevate due to a number of factors such as age-related narrowing of the arteries, underlying medical problems, and excessive sodium intake. 

Due to meditation you can boost your defense against heart disease, stroke, and chronic kidney disease.

It decreases the activity in the sympathetic nervous system  which has a function of narrowing the blood vessels in response to stress and increases activity in the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes widening of the blood vessels. 

Note:- If you are interested in using meditation to control high blood pressure, talk to your doctor about adding meditation to your treatment program. Self treating can have serious consequences.

5. Improves Your Mood:-

Research shows that Meditation can help you to handle negative feelings in better way and control your emotions. It  has the power to reset your happiness

According to studies, meditation shrinks the portion of our brain called the "Amygdala." This is a part of our brain which controls fearfulness and anxiety. Decrease in its size gives one the feeling of happiness. 

After practicing Meditation one can feel fresh and energetic. Many meditators claim that after meditating they feel happy.

As I mentioned before it can reduce stress and during this process we return to our natural state of feeling  which makes us feel good and happy.

For better results you should meditate at least two times a day for 20 minutes

6. Reduces Anxiety:-

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

Mindfulness meditation is popularly known as an antidote for anxiety

It has shown increases in electrical activity in the prefrontal cortex, the right anterior insula, and right hippocampus all these parts control positive emotions, awareness, and anxiety.

If you are suffering from Anxiety related disorders then you should start practicing it under guidance of a professional

7. Enhances Immune System:-

Immune system is a physical mechanism used to fight against disease.

It is one of the most critical, and most fascinating, aspects of the mind-body connection.

Meditation boosts antibodies. A recent study confirmed that, after 8 week of meditation training , 48 biotech workers showed significantly higher levels of antibodies.

So, if you want to keep yourself diseases free, practice it regularly. 

8 Improves Cardiovascular Health:-

Experts agreed that meditation can give a plus point for heart health and reduce cardiovascular risk.
It also improves health of arteries and  blood flow to the heart.

Due to meditation you can boost your defense against heart disease, stroke, and chronic kidney disease.

It indirectly protects the heart by reducing the blood pressure and decreasing anxiety

9. Improves  Ability to Make Decisions:-

Meditation has a major role in brain development

It modulates brain activities associated with cognitive control, emotion regulation and empathy, which leads to improved non-social and social decision making process.

When you have too many thoughts, your mind is unable to make up a better decision. A mind with jumbled thoughts and ideas is not conducive to decision-making. 

Meditation helps to clear the thoughts by calming the mind down as well as boosts clarity and a holistic approach towards any issue.

10. May Help to Fight Addictions:-

One of the most beautiful effect of meditation is that it can help people to overcome powerful addictions.

One who is addicted to alcohol and drugs should practice Meditation. It will help to overcome these addictions. Just it requires patience

So,  that was all about benefits of meditation on health.


Improves Sleep Quality
Improves Concentration and Memory 
Reduces Stress
Decreases Blood Pressure
Improve Your Mood
Reduces Anxiety
Enhances Immune System
Improves Cardiovascular Health
Improves your Ability to Make Decisions
May Help Fight Addictions

I tried to be as simple as possible to explain you my view points.

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