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How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear
How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear

How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear
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Mostly, blackheads develop on facial region but you can also find them on back and in ears. Maybe, you or your friend, family member have ear blackheads so, you are here. So, let's begin.

What is a blackhead?

Blackheads appears on our skin and looks like small bumps. The main reason of its cause is clogged hair follicles. There surface looks dark or black so, these bumps are called blackheads. 

The oxygen in the air reacts with dead skin cells and oil and turn it black.

Blackheads are commonly found on face, but they can be found elsewhere on the body. When they appears in the ears, they can be difficult to eliminate.

The skin of the outer ear needs to be treated with care because it is so close to the inner structures of the ear, which are delicate and crucial for hearing.

In this article, we will look after How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear.

Stay tuned with us for more information. I will try to be as simple as possible to explain you my viewpoints. 

So, without having any further delay let's get started.

What Causes Ear Blackheads ?

When the hair follicles on the skin become clogged with too much sebum( a natural oil that is produced by skin to keep it moist and soft) then ear blackheads are formed.

An excess of sebum production causes a bump forming on skin surface. The oxygen in the air reacts with dead skin cells and oil and turn it black

Hair follicle is one of the most common cause of ear blackhead formations.

Hormonal changes such as puberty or pregnancy can also lead this.

Acne causing bacteria or too much oil on skin can also lead to the formation of inner ear blackheads

Some medications contains chemicals which are harmful for our skin can also cause this problem.

Our ear canals have some hairs present. Many people do not give priority to clean their ear canals and therefore, the wax is accumulated inside the ear canal. 

The dead skin cells are not removed properly which leads to the cause of blackheads. This can also cause several infections.

You can Get Rid of Blackheads using the following methods even in vulnerable areas such as the ears.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear

1. Wash your ears carefully. 

During shower sometimes shampoo gets deposited in ears which can lead to blackheads. This can be prevented by washing. 

You should clean your ear with water to remove the excess oils and dirt that can build up in your ears.

Try to use your fingers or a soft washcloth to do it during shower. Over-scrubbing can cause infections, so you should avoid it. 

You can also use ear cleanser under the guidance of a dermatologist.

2. Use a cotton ball

Take salicylic acid cleanser saturated cotton ball. Freely rub your ears with the cotton ball, make sure you focus on on specific areas with blackheads.

 The solution should not enter your inner ear so tilt your ear to the side and to the cleanser from dripping and  try to follow the instructions which are mentioned on the package.

3. Exfoliating 

Exfoliating is the process or method for removing dead skin cells from the surface of skin using a chemical, exfoliation tool or granular substance. 

Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make space for new cells every 30 days.

Exfoliation is important for your face and body. The best time to do it is during shower. It helps to eliminate dead skin cells that makes your skin dull and clog your pores. 

You can exfoliate the skin surrounding your ears at least once a week.

4. Use Skincare products with Salicylic acid. 

Skincare products which are designed for facial skin can also be used for ears with carefull precautions. 

You can use a cleanser or mask with Salicylic acid to get rid of blackheads in the ear according to prescription given by doctor.

NOTE:- Salicylic acid is a type of BHA ( beta hydroxy acid) which contains aspirin.  So, a person who has allergy  should avoid the products with Salicylic acid. BHAs can remove oil and dirt from pores without needing to be rubbed on the skin.

Using salicylic acid may also help to prevent blackheads from forming which will prevent you from upcoming situations.

5. Visit dermatologist 

The skin of the outer ear needs to be treated with care because it is very close to delicate inner structures of the ear which are crucial for hearing.

The above mentioned were some homemade blackhead removal methods which can work for some people. 

If these do not work with you then it's the time to visit your dermatologist.

Dermatologist are well trained to do their job. They have many different ways to give you solution. They can remove the blackheads safely.

This would be best way to do it rather than doing it yourself because you may not be able to see inside or behind your ear very well.

Precautions To Take

1. Clean Your Ears Regularly 

You should clean your ears on regular basis. Removing excessive oil from your ears can reduce the number of clogged pores in. You can use mild cleansers if suggested by doctor.

Mild cleansers are safe for our skin and do not cause any negative effect on it. This will also avoided acne or other infections inside the ears.

You can also use exfoliating products to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

 Steam is also good for the skin as it nourishes the glands and also opens them for necessary skin ingredients.

2. Take care of your hairs. 

While having a shower try to Shampoo your hairs daily. This helps to prevent oil and dirt present in hairs from entering in your ears. 

This will also keep your hairs dandruff free which can cause some acne problems.

Try to keep your hairs pulled back. This can decrease the chances of blackheads in ear.

3. Clean items which comes in ear contact. 

You should wash and clean the items and things that comes in contact with your ears.

These items include Pillow cases, ear buds, cell phones, and other ear cleaning tools if you have. This will give you an indirect solution to your problem.

4. Avoid Popping

You should always keep your popping hands away from blackheads. Never ever pop them out with yours fingers or nails. This can cause irritation, infection and may also lead to further breakouts.

5. Misuse of Acne Products.

Try not to apply acne products more than recommended. The skin which is inside and around the ears is very sensitive and can cause irritation from using many acne products.

This will make your problem more complicated.

6. Too much skin drying

Dryness is not suitable to our skin and may cause many problems. If you dry out your skin too much then the oil glands present under skin will produce more sebum and this can lead to more blackheads.

These blackheads inside the ear may not affect the overall health, but on the side of impression it may seems awkward and can ruin your appearance.

It looks that there is some dirt deposited on the skin. These days many people give more priority to appearance. 

So, it is vital that you should follow the above mentioned tips to get rid of blackheads and their precautions.

So, this was all about How to Get Rid of blackheads in Ear. 


What causes ear blackheads 

Hair follicles
Hormonal changes 
Acne bacteria and oil
Dead skin cells

Get Rid of Blackheads in Ear

Wash your ears carefully 
Use cotton balls
Skin care products with salicylic acid
Visit Dermatologist 

Precautions to take

Clean your ears regularly 
Take care of your hairs
Clean items which comes in ear contact
Avoid popping 
No acne products misuse
Not to dry skin too much

I tried to be as simple as possible to explain you my viewpoints. 

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