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Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of cycling
Benefits of cycling 

Benefits of cycling 
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To stay fit and healthy we use to do many exercises such as walking, running, jogging, swimming and may be hit the gym. 

These days, it is very important to stay health conscious which force us to do various exercises.

Cycling is also considered as one of the best exercise for overall fitness. For this you just require a bicycle and some friends if you like to be social. This can add plenty of health benefits to your life. 

When you ride a bicycle, your heart, blood vessels and lungs all get a workout. Thus, it is considered as an aerobic activity. While having a ride you will experience increased body temperature and more deeper breath, which will improve your overall fitness level.

In this article, we will look after benefits of Benefits of Cycling. 

Stay tuned with us for more information. I will try to be as simple as possible to explain you my viewpoints. 

So, without having any further delay let's get started.

Health Benefits of Cycling.

Cycling is one of the most easiest exercise which do not requires lots of investment. It's health benefits are as follows. 

1. Weight control. 

Many of us will be suffering from weight problems. If you are one of them, then cycling is a best option for you. It is a good way to control or reduce weight, because it raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle and burns body fat. 

You will get more benefits when you will combine cycling with a healthy diet. You can make it more comfortable by changing the time and intensity which is better. 

From normal and steady cycling one can burn around 300 calories every hour and research suggests that you should be burning at least 2,000 calories a week through exercise. 

Some Studies shows that a just 30 minutes of bike ride every day will burn almost five kilograms of fat over a year.

One can burn 400 to 1000 calories an hour, depending on intensity and rider weight. Your main aim should be burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

2. Prevents Cardiovascular disease

Stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack are included in Cardiovascular disease. You can improve the functioning of your heart, lungs and circulation by regular cycling which will reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Studies shows that people who prefer bicycle to go to work are 2 or 3 times less exposed to pollution. This helps to improve their lungs functioning. 

According to a Danish study, which was conducted over 14 years with 30,000 people aged 20 to 93 years, found that cycling regularly protected people from heart diseases. 

It helps you by increasing strength of your heart muscles, lowering resting pulse and by reducing body fat levels. 

3. Diabetes 

Diabetes is a diseases that involve problems with the hormone insulin. May be you have heard about it. It can occur when the pancreas produces very little or no insulin, or when the body is not properly responding to it. 

As yet, there is no cure so, people suffering with diabetes need to manage their disease to stay safe and healthy.

Lack of physical activity can be a major reason why people develop this condition. A research in Finland found that cycling for more than 30 minutes per day can decrease the risk of developing diabetes by 40 per cent. 

So, as a diabetes person, one should start cycling from today. 

4. Bone health

When you sit on a bicycle, your weight is bared by a pair of bones in the pelvis called the ischial tuberosities. 

This is opposite to walking where you put your weight on your legs. This is good for anyone with pain in joints or age-related stiffness.

Another benefit of cycling is that, it improves balance and coordination. It is low-impact exercise. 

If you have osteoarthritis(bone thinning disease) then cycling is one of the best exercise as it will have less stress on the joints. 

With all this it will also help you to improve your strength. 

5. Mental illness

You can reduce mental health conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety by regular cycling. 

This happens due to enjoyment which you get while riding a bike and due to the effects of the exercise itself. Cycling makes you happy.

A study showed that people with physically active lifestyle had 32 per cent more well-being score than inactive individuals. 

The release of adrenalin and endorphins and the satisfaction which comes from completing a sportive are the two major reasons which can boost your mood. 

6. Cycling builds muscle

It you want to build muscles then you should hit the gym, but cycling can also help you to do this. 

One of the benefit of cycling is that, it not only burns fat, but also builds muscles. It focuses particularly on glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. 

In the power phase of pedaling (downstroke) you work your gluteus muscles in the buttocks, the quadriceps in the thighs, and the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in the calveson. 

On the other hand, In the recovery phase (upstroke), the muscles which are used are the hamstrings in the back of the thighs and the flexor muscles in the front of the hips. 

Your abdominal muscles are used to balance and stay upright, are your arms and shoulder muscles are busy in holding handlebars. 

Muscles are leaner than fat, and the people with high fat percentage of muscles burn more calories even when sitting. 

7. Improves lung health

A recent study suggests that people who ride a bicycle are not exposed to dangerous fumes than those who takes car for traveling. 

According to a study conducted by Healthy Air Campaign, in Kings College London, and Camden Council, when air pollution detectors fitted to a driver, a public bus user, a pedestrian and a cyclist using a busy route through central London, the results were as follows. 

The driver experienced almost five times higher pollution levels as compared to cyclist, and three and half more than walker and two and half more than the public bus user. 

From this study, we can easily conclude that cyclist was least exposed to the pollution. Thus, improving the lung health. 

8. Improves navigational skills

Cycling can improve your navigational skills. 

In this contemporary era, everyone is dependent on Google Maps and due to this sometimes there’s just not that much incentive to sharpen your natural sense of direction while traveling. 

Unless you have a GPS cycling computer which helps you to mapping directions while moving, then exploring the different lanes can give you exercise for your internal mapping capabilities.

Many a times it happens that we are moving on a road and our brain prepares the images of upcoming places or streets. 

9. Gives better sleep

You have heard this many times that one should ride a bike for a better good night sleep. 

Researchers at the University of Georgia studied a men and a women aged between 20 to 85 for a period of 35 years, and got the result that a drop in fitness of 2 percent for men and 4 percent for women was the main reason for sleep problems. 

Dr Rodney Dishman said that "The fastest decline in the cardiorespiratory fitness happens between the ages 40 to 60 in maximum cases. This is also when problems of sleep duration and quality comes above."

For this scientist suggested that it could be a reduction in anxiety, brought about by exercise which elevates the ability to sleep. 

Exercise also has a major role against weight gain with age, and this is another cause of sleep dysfunction. 

10. Gives you Longer Life

According to one study in Tour de France riders, cycling helps to increase the racer’s longevity. Almost a 17 percent of increase. The cyclist lived to 81 years as compared to general population’s 73.5 years.

Another study showed that riding between just one and 60 minutes a week can cut down the risk of early death by up to 23 percent.

If you want to add some days to your life, you can visit this article. How to Live Long Life

So, if you want to add days to your life, you should start cycling as soon as possible. 

So, this was all about Benefits of Cycling.

I tried to be as simple as possible to explain you my viewpoints. 


1. Weight control.
2. Prevents Cardiovascular disease
3. Diabetes
4. Bone health
5. Mental illness
6. Cycling builds muscle
7. Improves lung health
8. Improves navigational skills
9. Gives better sleep
10. Gives you Longer Life

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