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How to Slow Down Aging.

How to Slow Down Aging.
How to Slow Down Aging.


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Who wants wrinkles on the face? I think no one. Nobody likes aging because it's not just getting older physically but also mentally. It mainly affects our skin also affects it's glow.

In this article, we will try to answer the question. How to Slow Down Aging.

Stay tuned with us for more information. I will try to be as simple as possible to explain you my viewpoints. 

So, without having any further delay let's get started.

What exactly is Aging?

Our body goes through various changes in life. At the end we get to one stage that is known as old age. At this stage we can see changes in our body cells, tissues, organs and in organ system. This all affects functioning of all your bodily systems.
There are some chances of memory loss, muscle mass starts to decrease, metabolic activities in body slows down and it also increases the chances of chronic conditions. 

This stage comes in life according to some habits that an individual follows during young age. 

How to Slow the Aging Process

Well, aging is an irreplaceable process and according to the law of nature, every living being has to go from this phase. 

It is true that we can't perfectly stop aging, but we can delay this stage by just doing some simple changes in our day to day lifestyle. 

Just adding these tips to your daily life can add some candles on your cake. 

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated 

You will be aware about the fact that water makes about 60 percent of body weight for an adult. It also has a role in our skin glow. If you want to make your skin glow then water can help you alot. If you are not well hydrated, your skin gives old and dull look. 

To make your skin glow, try to drink at least three liters of water every day. 

Some of the important functions such as regulating body temperature, maintaining healthy skin and joints, digesting food, hydrating brain and removing waste products from body in the form of sweat and urine are not possible without water. 

Thus, it is advised that you should drink water frequently and consume foods with high water content, such as fruits, vegetables, and soups to keep these systems working better and longer.

As you get older, the working efficiency of kidneys decreases and you may not be as sensitive to thirst signals. This reduces the level of water in body. From this you will come to know the reason behind the dehydration of older people. 

2. Take Plenty of Sleep 

You have heard this many times that sleep is necessary because while sleeping our body gets time to repair all its systems. 

Sleep has major role in aging. When you are sleeping, your body starts repairing cell damage. If you decrease the amount of sleep then it may damage body internally and this can boost internal signs of aging. 

Sleeping one hour less at night can increase cortisol levels, which leads to oxidative stress and affects the balance of your blood sugar levels. 

Red eyes and sometimes wrinkles and dark circles under eyes are signs that you are not having sufficient amount of sleep. Studies have conformed that poor sleep ages skin faster. 

In addition to this, you can link sleep with other age-related disorders such as heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and many more. 

For good health one should get at least seven to nine hours of sleep. To do this set your daily routine for bed time, close the light 15 to 20 minutes before sleep so that your brain will get a sign that it's sleeping time and do not eat too much in dinner as it can ruin your zzzzz due to indigestion. 

Consult a doctor if suffering from insomnia. 

3. Remove the Stress

Stress is considered as enemy of humans. When we are in stress, our body cortisol level increases. 

Excessive cortisol level in our body can lead to diabetes, obesity and even is another cause for wrinkles on your skin. 

Meditation and yoga are the exercises that can unwind and relax you. You can also have a walk when more stressed. 

Stress can cause many negative effects on your body. It's effects can be easily seen on our face and skin. Also, it keeps us sleep deprived and increases the risk of heart disease. 

If you are aware about DNA structure then you will be familiar with Telomeres (a compound structure at the end of a chromosome). The people who are more stressed has shorten telomeres. 

These people were looking 10 years older as compared to people with low stress level. 

But, if you want, you can increase the length of telomeres by just keeping yourself away from stress. Meditation will help for this process. 

Get a detailed information on How to manage stress

4. Do Exercise

Regular exercise can help you to slow down the aging process. It keeps skin glowing and healthy as our body releases toxins in the form of sweat. 

One can get n number of benefits from exercise such as reducing the risk for chronic conditions, improving mental health, slowing cognitive decline, reducing stress and many more. 

According to a study published in Aging Cell, older people who exercised regularly throughout their lives had better immune system, muscle mass, cholesterol levels of much younger people. Fat loss can help to control the blood sugar to prevent diabetes. 

To improve the heart health, it is essential to have any physical activity. It can decrease depression and anxiety, and can help cognitive function to keep one's mind sharp. 

If you are not exercising these days, and want to gain it's benefits then start 30 minutes of aerobic activity five days a week with 10 minutes of strength and balance training two days a week. 

After that you can increase the time as per your body. You can also take guidance from a trainer.

5. Whole foods

Whole, natural food helps you to prevent age-related damage and disease. Food containing sugar and fat can lead to inflammation, diabetes, and heart disease. 

Studies shows that having whole foods increases the nutrient supply in our body which keep cells healthy, reduce the risk of major chronic diseases associated with age, reduce inflammation.

Some research has proved that proper nutrients also help to keep the brain functioning better longer. You may have heard that what we eat is reflected from our body, skin and face. That's totally true. 

Eating natural home-cooked food with love can help to keep the brain sharper and active. 

6. Keep away from sun

Sun is a natural source of vitamin D. For this we just have to absorbs sun rays. But, it can also cause skin damage mostly wrinkles on face

Skin cancer is also a problem associated with sun light. All of this can promote internal as well as external aging

You can protect your skin easily by just covering it with clothes, or by using sunscreen. Wash your face twice a day to remove all the pollution and dirt which can affect skin in longer run. 

In addition to this, you should use moisturizer. This will keep your skin young. 

Another issue related to this is sunburn which is harmful for our skin. You can protect your skin by following the above mentioned method. 

7. Remove the processed and Junk food 

Junk food is quite famous these days. Therefore, mostly youngsters gets attracted towards it. There are many negative effects of these processed food on our body which also includes some skin problems.  

It contains many ingredients that can cause inflammation and a weakened immune system the older you get. This inflammation is the cause of a variety of chronic conditions. 

You may also suffer from other problems such as indigestion, obesity, weakness. 

Follow a good diet full of nutrients and fresh fruits to keep your body functioning well. 

So, this was all about some tips to Slow Down Aging.

I tried to be as simple as possible to explain you my viewpoints. 

What exactly is Aging?

How to Slow the Aging Process

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated
2. Take Plenty of Sleep 
3. Remove the Stress
4. Do Exercise
5. Whole foods
6. Keep away from sun
7. Remove the processed and Junk food

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